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The Early Resolution principles lie behind our scheme to resolve libel actions quickly, fairly and cost-effectively.

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Most libel actions turn on what the words complained of actually mean. If “meaning” is not resolved at the outset, you could be locked into very public and extremely expensive litigation for months, if not years. Many key issues in libel actions can be dealt with by voluntary arbitration, enabling parties to resolve them fairly, quickly and cheaply outside the Court system. There may also be cases where it is useful for the parties to meet and for a dispute to be mediated with the help of an expert in this field.

We have drawn up a list of libel experts who can act as arbitrators — assisted by lay assessors when necessary — to decide the meaning of an article, editorial or blog posting — or any other key issue in a libel action. We have also drawn up a list of trained mediators who are likewise expert in this field or allied fields. They may well be able to help you resolve a libel or privacy complaint before costs escalate and relations break down.

Benefits of Early Resolution schemes




Cases are typically resolved within a month of agreeing to the scheme

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Proceedings are private, avoiding the public spectacle of the law courts

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Legal costs are kept to a minimum

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The outcome is binding, appeals can only be made in exceptional circumstances



You meet the other side but how you play it is up to you


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About Early Resolution

Early Resolution (ER) is a not-for-profit company set up to help those locked in defamation disputes to resolve them at the earliest possible opportunity. ER was founded by Alastair Brett and Sir Charles Gray. We believe that everyone should have access to justice over the spoken, written or broadcast word at a reasonable cost irrespective of their financial means. Read our principles that all our members have signed up to.