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Early Resolution offers a lifeline for journalists

By Alastair Brett for the Guardian

Imagine this nightmare scenario if you were the editor of a regional paper: a letter from the libel lawyers Carter Ruck threatens legal action after you have published a long and careful investigation into the local mosque and its links to radical Muslim elements. Carter Ruck write that they are acting on a conditional fee basis and will be taking out an insurance policy for £100,000 worth of legal cover. If your paper loses the libel action, it could have to pay a six-figure sum in legal costs, let alone the damages — bankruptcy looms. Read the full article on guardian.co.uk.

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Early Resolution (ER) is a not-for-profit company set up to help those locked in defamation disputes to resolve them at the earliest possible opportunity. ER was founded by Alastair Brett and Sir Charles Gray. We believe that everyone should have access to justice over the spoken, written or broadcast word at a reasonable cost irrespective of their financial means. Read our principles that all our members have signed up to.